Protection of Personal Information


WISTAR CORPORATION, here denominate "company", is based on the philosophy of mutual trust between customers, employees and employees. Therefore, we are strictly about personal information protection policy, quoted below.

Privacy Policy and Control of Personal Data and Information

(1) Requests for personal information

Our company requests the personal data and information of users according to the needs to provide a satisfactory service, and in accordance with the Law of Protection of Personal Information.

(2) Purpose of use

The personal data of the user will be used according to previous authorization of the same, and only within the predetermined purpose.

  • Objective and purpose of using personal information
  • Corporate communication with the user
  • For our company services statement
  • For response to any previously requested service
  • Other purposes previously authorized by the user
  • Other Usage Purposes
  • Except in cases determined by law, other purposes of use must have the user's prior and formal authorization.

(3) Provision of information to third parties

Our company will never provide personal data to third parties without the prior authorization of the user. Except in cases determined by law or court order.

(4) Request for correction, elimination or disclosure of personal information

To request the correction, elimination or non-disclosure of the personal information of our database, the user should contact the responsible department.

If the correction / elimination of the data does not affect the progress of the company's operations, the company will make the required changes after confirming the identity of the requesting user.

Respect to the Laws of Protection of Personal Information

Our company has an effective policy to protect the personal information of users, in accordance with the Laws of Protection of Personal Information of this Country.

Personal information protection system and database

Our company operates with a security system that protects the personal data of users. In addition to the data protection system, staff who have access to personal data is trained and oriented in how to protect users' personal information.

Constant revision and improvements in the protection system

In order to always be in compliance with the changes in the Personal Information Protection Act or system changes, our company continually improves the training, auditing and reviewing operations in the management of users' personal information.

For more information

To receive more information regarding the privacy policy, please contact our control department of the users' personal information database.



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Disclaimer of responsibility

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